Associate Consultant (entry level) 2017

PR / Communicatie
Per 01 januari 2017
Location: Heel Nederland
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Associate consultant

The primary role is to support the delivery of strategic advice to clients; provide professional advice to the senior management of major international corporations; deliver the analytic modules assigned which involves various data gathering, analysis and interpretation of the results. 

Skills Required:

We are looking for candidates with the highest level of communication and analytical skills. 

They will be able to demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  • PROBLEM SOLVING: End-to-end problem solving including analytical, quantitative, creative and other challenges.
  • WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Efficiently create clear and concise written and graphical work for use in team settings.
  • PERSONAL IMPACT AND ORAL COMMUNICATION: Effective oral communication and presentation of own work in a team setting.
  • JOB MANAGEMENT/TEAM WORK: Collegial and collaborative; carries out fair share of work; consistently adds creative, insightful ideas; meets all deadlines; demonstrates ability to lead and motivate others well.
  • CLIENT RELATIONS: Contribution to clients' positive view of OC&C in general and the team in particular.
  • PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: Exemplifies critical characteristics of a professional client services consultant.
  • FIRM CONTRIBUTION: Plays an enthusiastic role in developing the Firm's earned reputation for high calibre client work and in establishing the personality of the Firm and the Office.


The ideal candidate will have demonstrated the highest level of academic achievement at first class academic institutions. They will have a minimum of two A grades at A level (or equivalent). In addition, they will have an intuitive analytical mind and strong numeracy. Through their extra-curricular or academic activities they will be able to demonstrate strong teamwork skills and be able to communicate very effectively in both written and oral settings. Finally, they will through enterprise, academic or other activity have demonstrated a natural entrepreneurial bent, which translates into a 'get it done' attitude. Please attach CV and Cover Letter (as one Word or pdf document) with your application.

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